Virgin ia As sn. of Pa st Distr ic t Gove rnors President: Ken Isaac, PCC (Pat, PCC)

18490 Zachary Taylor Hwy

Orange, VA 22960

H: (540) 854-2321

C: (540) 661-6900

E: g ki 0 [email protected] a ol .co m (Gordonsville)


Secretary: Jan Bowling, PCC, (Dan, PDG)

P.O. Box 39

North Tazewell, VA 24630-0039 H: (276) 988-6358

C: (276) 701-7859

E: Ja ni ce Bo wli n [email protected] r o ad r u nn e r .co m

(North Tazewell)


 Pin T ra ders Club of Virginia (PT CV) President: Susan Evans, PDG, (Richard, PDG)

10205 Narvarre Court

Richmond, VA 23238

H: (804) 304-4354

E: [email protected] (Ashland)


Secretary: Terry Smith (Bill, PCC)

3643 Osborne Drive

Warrenton, VA 20187

H: (540) 349-2748

E: [email protected]


Dogs for the Blind  
S Rochester Road
MI 48307-3115

    B: (888) 777-5332

    E: [email protected] Website:      www.lea de rdo g .o rg


        Old Dominion Eye Foundation

9200 Arboretum Parkway Suite 104

Richmond, VA 23236-3489

B: (800) 832-0728

F: (804) 560-4752

Website: www.odef .o rg


Executive Director

William (Bill) Proctor

8902 Rams Crossing Court
Richmond, VA 23236-1348

H: (804) 276-9551

E: [email protected]


     Lions of Virg inia Founda tion, Inc .

President: Chester P. Kramer, PCC

(Lion Mary Lou Newman) 3803 Pamunkey River Reach Portsmouth, VA 23703

H: (757) 681-3018

E: [email protected] (Windsor)

Website: www.lo vf.o rg


Secretary: Phil Schrack, PCC

(Lion Sharon)

3568 Sutherland Court

Warrenton, VA 20187

H: (540) 349-2735

E: psch [email protected] o m (Woodbridge)


       LOVF, Inc. c ontinue d

Treasurer: Arlen Eidson, PDG 5117 Stratford Chase Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23464

H: (757) 495-1434

E: ae id so [email protected] m (Kempsville)


 Lions Sight Foundat ion of Virgin ia , Inc.

President: Tom Lominac, PDG

E: lo mina ct[email protected]g ma m


Admin. Assistant: Ms. Merle Hash

501 Elm Avenue SW Roanoke, VA 24016-3921

B: (540) 345-8823

E: roa le [email protected]ve rizo t

Virgin ia Lions Eye gla ss Rec yc ling, Inc.  President: Dr. H. Hauser Weiler, PID

Lions Sight Foundation Building,

501 Elm Avenue SW

Roanoke, VA 24016-3921

B: (540) 345-8823

E: [email protected]

Website: lio n s.o rg/re cycle


 Virgin ia Lions He a ring Founda tion a nd
Resea rch Center, Inc.

Richard Evans, PDG

Director: Don Colley, PCC
Box 800477
UVA Health System
Charlottesville, VA 22098
B: (434) 296-5466
B: (800) 251-3627 Ext. 4-9805
F: (434) 243-6732
H: (434) 973-5000
E: don co lle [email protected]co mca t
(Charlottesville Host)

 h ttp ://www.lio n s2 4 c.o rg/he a ring .htm


                  VIRGINIA LIONS RED VESTS



Contact the Lions of Virginia State Office: 501 Elm Avenue SW

Roanoke, VA 24016-3921

B: (540) 342-5466 (342-LION)

F: (540) 342-0013

C: (540) 314-0312

E: lion [email protected]ve rizon .n et


Web Pages


Lions Club International


Lions Club International Foundation

[email protected]


Lions of Virginia

 ht t p: // www. l i onsof v irgi ni a. org


District 24-E Web Site

 ht t p: // www. v i rgi ni a-24e-l i ons. org


Lions of Virginia Bland Music Scholarship


 ht t p: // www. bl andf oundat i on. org